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Current obsession is with Danny Phantom. Enough so that I created an oc, lol.

It's not a half-ghost. I can't do that. That's too much of a special character. It's a ghost character with a pretty developed backstory.

I'm kinda scared to share it here, though, lol. But maybe once I work with it a bit more.
Did a mass of uploads for pics I've been meaning to upload, lol.
OC creation is so hard. I want to give them as much care as I absolutely can. Put a lot of thought into their character, make the story make sense, and stay as far from sue territory as I can.
So bored....

Decided to draw stupid comics in gimp with my mouse.

Maybe it'll be funny.... idk.
I have drawings to put here, just gotta transfer them from my phone to my computer....

It's Mystic Messenger trash.

You have been warned.
Started a drawing journal.
Hopefully I start to improve.

I definitely draw better than I used to. I don't have those I used to on here, but as a tbt kinda thing, maybe I'll upload a very old picture every now an then to show you how I actually improved.
I'm so glad I'm done with all the Hetalia crap. Like, I look back at my pictures and I cringe. I cringe so bad.
-being obsessed over the cartoon Over the Garden Wall because I've finally decided to watch it-

Must. Draw. OTGW. Characters.
What to do, what to do.

I need inspiration and motivation.
I decided to finally start my drawing journal.

I'm using my Gravity Falls themed journals (that I made, as in painting the journal red) as my drawing journals.

I might show them all off or the ones worthy to be shared.

Haven't drawn in one recently, but I do need to get back to it.
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I am a 21 year old female who loves writing, drawing terrible pictures, and doing crafts.


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